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Brown Crystals – Meaning, Benefits, Characteristics

Dec 24, 2021 | Color, Minerals | 0 comments

Grounding, powerful, warming, self-awareness, connecting with Mother Earth

What at first may seem like a dull color, brown is a grounding and organic color that has many layers. When exploring the darkest shades of brown, you get a color that is reminiscent of soil – which is the source of all crystals and organic substances. Soil is the starting point of all substance for life on earth and is the basis for everything that breathes and moves on our planet.
All organic substances from the organic plants to the complex system of the human body rely on the brown soil of the earth to live and flourish.


Power of the Color Brown

The power that comes from the color brown is incredible in its grounding effect and is very powerful in bringing yourself in tune with your physical and mental self.
Simply placing your bare feet on the earth without any barrier is a strong way to bring yourself in tune with your spiritual, physical, and mental wellbeing. You can imagine yourself as an anchor, grounded in the moment and in tune with the earth – bringing strength and support to your inner self.
Surrounding yourself with darker tones of brown can help you imagine your inner vision of the earth and what the planet looks like beneath the surface. Richer tones of brown are warming and comforting – resembling the color of clay.
Molding clay is an incredible way to connect with the earth and is a practical way to experience the earth’s energy with your hands. This creative hobby is a grounding and pragmatic way to connect with Mother earth.
There are many therapists and healers that suggest there is a center to the energy in the matrix that surrounds the human body – which connects to the earth with a deep brown color. This energy center is suggested to be about 12 inches below your feet below the earth’s surface.
In meditation, you can visualize this energy aura and breathe out to send feelings of negativity, stress, and anger down towards the earth’s core and then inhale deeply to draw in strength and power back from the earth into your body.


Brown Color in Crystals

Brown crystals are seen as bringing a calm and grounding effect on the mind, body, and soul. Stones in a brown shade are suggested as bringing a deeper and stronger connection to the earth and the protectors of the environment.
If you find yourself living more in your head rather than in your body, then holding brown crystals with you can help bring patience and a piece of mind. Brown shades in crystals are noted as a relief for anxiety and stress – helping you become more in tune with tranquility.


Brown Color with Psychology

When it comes to color psychology and Western healing, the color brown is associated with a sense of firmness and strength. As a color of the earth, it is seen as a solid foundation – bringing a sense of security, safety, power, and resilience. On the other hand, it has also been associated with feelings of sadness and isolation.
If there is a particular brown crystal or stone that resonates with you, then it could mean that you are seeking a more grounding and secure feeling within yourself and the earth.


Brown Crystals and Minerals – Common

Smoky Quartz
Petrified Wood
Brown Jasper