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Petrified Wood: Healing Benefits & Meaning

Dec 31, 2021 | Brown, Crystals | 0 comments

Cleansing, Clearing Old Patterns, Connecting Spiritually to the Deepest History of the Earth

Structure and FormHas the structure and appearance of agate.
Wood fossilized by minerals - usually in the form of quartz, opal, or chalcedony.
ColorBrown: can vary from reddish brown or smeared with different shades of brown and black.
Mohs Hardness7
LocationsGreece, USA, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Czech Republic
RarityEasily accessible in large slices or small, polished pieces.
Physical & Emotional UsesHelps to move past old issues and assists with clearing stuck patterns.
Symbolizes slow evolution into a new form - giving a spiritual connection to the oldest form of the planet.
Cleansing to the blood and liver.
Assists with arthritis and stiff joints.
Healing EffectsCan be placed over the base of the spine to stabilize the energy within the root chakra.
Personal UsesHolding the crystal with you can help encourage moving forward at a good pace and to help break down patterns that seem to be set in stone.


Petrified wood is a fossilized part of a tree that was once an organic structure millions of years ago. This incredibly unique stone is created when a forest was covered in sedimentary rock – the organic plant cells were protected and enclosed within minerals (mostly silica in the form of quartz, chalcedony, or opal) that ended up replacing the organic compounds within the original tree.

Petrified wood still looks like the inside of a tree, with the internal structure and tree rings still visible. The mineral has the weight and feel of stone because of the silicon dioxide that created the microcrystalline structure – otherwise known as agate.

This stone is a link to the oldest and deepest parts of the Earth and is a symbol of slow growth into new forms. If you are feeling stuck in time or looking for assistance with moving forward, then petrified wood can be a good choice to bring in your personal energy field.


Healing Properties and Benefits of Petrified Wood

Like other brown crystals, petrified wood gives a grounding effect and offers security and stability to those who are associated with it. The unique difference from other brown stones is the connection to the oldest parts of the plant, giving a deep spiritual connection to Mother Earth.

Millions of years have passed to form this stone – bringing us back to a time that is beyond imaginable. It is the connection between organic and inorganic material – once a living and breathing plant that has since turned to stone.

It is a reminder to us that spiritual and personal growth can take time but can ultimately transform into another beautiful structure with patience.


How to Use Petrified Wood

If you find yourself living life too fast or feeling rushed, then petrified wood can bring calming and soothing energy – acting as a reminder to take things slow. It can provide a sort of security and peace of mind knowing that good things and healing can take time.

You can carry petrified wood in your personal space to help set a pace and to keep that pace throughout the day without feeling rushed or moving too slowly. It is meant to help you move forward in a good and steady manner.

There is no way of knowing how much time it can take to heal and petrified wood can help you keep a steady pace – one step in front of the other.



Uses of Petrified Wood

Petrified wood has been used in jewelry but is more commonly used for decorative purposes – being used as ornamental pieces like tabletops and bookends. It is also used to complement other gems as it plays well with other stones and helps balance energy.

It can be used as a stand-alone piece to be carried around in a medicine pouch, bringing a calming and grounding energy within yourself.


Cleaning and Caring for Petrified Wood

You can use direct sunlight or moonlight to cleanse your petrified wood. Leave the stone in the natural light for up to an hour and then rotate the crystal to ensure each side is cleansed. You can also use the salt water cleanse or the pure water cleanse like other crystals to bring a balance to the energy.


Where is Petrified Wood Found?

With over 150 square kilometers, the Greek island of Lesvos holds one of the largest petrified forests in the world. In this area, you can still find full upright stumps still in place – fossilized in time. This forest is over 25 million years old and holds trees that are native to the Far East and Asia, reminding us just how different the planet was so long ago.

Petrified wood is also found across the USA, Canada, Argentina, and Australia – with some forests dating back to over 200 million years old.

In fact, the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona holds an ancient forest that dates to over 225 million years ago. If you are looking to surround yourself with the magnificence of this old forest, you can obtain a permit to camp and explore an area of the park without trails or other humans.