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Smoky Quartz: Healing Benefits & Meaning

Dec 31, 2021 | Brown, Crystals | 0 comments

Grounding, Neutralizes Negativity, Peaceful, Connection with Mother Earth


Structure and FormTrigonal structure, often found in large crystalline clusters
ColorBrown: can vary from light brown to almost black
LocationsBrazil, Madagascar, Scotland, Switzerland, USA
RarityCommonly found in large and small pieces in certain deposits
Mohs Hardness7
Physical & Emotional UsesGrounding a person's energy - bringing a peaceful and calming nature.
Connected with the Root Chakra - healing to ease pain in the lower back and hips.
Helps to counteract electromagnetic energy - a good stone to relieve energy from computers or televisions.
Can neutralize negativity in the human aura.
Can offer home protection from negative energy.
Healing EffectsOffers a safe and secure environment within your personal energy field.
Can release negative energy within yourself to release back into the Earth.
Personal UsesCalm negative energy by holding a stone in each hand.
Place stones near electrical equipment - like your home computer or television.


Smoky quartz is a member of the tectosilicate subclass of silicates and is distinguished by a smoky brown shade. It is an abundant crystal that can vary in color from light yellow-brown to a dark brown that closely resembles a black shade.

It holds the same chemical composition as regular quartz with one distinct difference: exposure to underground radiation – giving the stone notes of brown color tones.

Since this crystal has already absorbed radioactivity, it recognizes electromagnetic energies and helps to neutralize them. This makes smoky quartz a great stone to place near electrical equipment or to carry with you in the city to help ward off electromagnetic stress.


Healing Properties and Benefits of Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a grounding stone, helping to bring a focus to a person’s energy – bringing strength and stability in the present moment. If you find yourself unsettled and insecure, smoky quartz can be used to bring a sense of safety and stability.

The benefits that come from smoky quartz are directly correlated with its connection to the root chakra – which is located at the base of the spine and is responsible for support and safety of your physical and mental state. It is important to keep a balance in the root chakra as it is the foundation for all chakras above it. It is your rock – the solid, grounding foundation in which you build the rest of your energies upon.

It is this groundwork that gives smoky quartz a strong sense of power and security. The smoky quartz also wards off negative energy and electromagnetic stress, making it a great gem to have in your home and within your personal space.


How to Use Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is often found in jewelry but can also be carried around in a pouch or in your pocket – especially when entering an environment that holds negativity or electromagnetic energy.

You can place the stone over areas of tension or hold a piece in each hand to release bad thoughts and negative energy from your core. Imagine yourself giving those negative thoughts away and letting go of that energy – as a sacrifice to the Earth’s core.

If you frequently work around computers or other electrical devices, you can use smoky quartz to help take electromagnetic stress – giving you more space to have peace of mind.



History of Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz was commonly used by the Romans to carve engraved gems and was used in China to make snuff bottles. Egyptians used the gem to make scarab figures and other various jewelry pieces often found on pharaohs to represent royalty, power, and wealth. In Greek culture, the stone was associated with Hecate, the goddess of magic. It is also found in Sumerian culture, where the crystal was used with writing and to create seals.

In Celtic culture, smoky quartz was used as a representation of the dark power from gods and goddesses and to this day, is the national gem of Scotland.


Uses of Smoky Quartz

Since smoky quartz can be easily obtained and comes at a low price, it is a great stone for beginner jewelry-makers and for those learning to facet.

It can be faceted as well as cut into beads and polished gems. They are used in rings, necklaces, pendants, and earrings for those looking for the unique brown color in jewelry.

One of the most popular uses for smoky quartz in jewelry is cufflinks and rings for men – complimenting formal wear.


Cleaning and Caring for Smoky Quartz

To keep the shape and texture of the crystal intact, it is recommended to keep the stone in a darker space and on a soft surface to avoid any scratches.

If you retrieved the smoky quartz yourself, it is likely that the cracks will be filled with dirt, calcite, or lime. You can soak the stone in vinegar overnight and then rinse with warm water to clear most of the debris. You can also use a standard toothbrush to clear out any build-ups that may remain on the crystal.


Where is Smoky Quartz Found?

Smoky Quartz can be found all around the world on each continent. When used with commercial jewelry, it is most commonly sourced from Brazil or Madagascar. It is also the national gem of Scotland, where it has the nickname “cairngorm” after the Cairngorm mountains. Other notable locations include the United States, Russia, and Switzerland.

If you are located in the USA and would like to mine for smoky quartz yourself, there are a handful of popular crystal mines in West Central Arkansas that are known for their large abundance of smoky quartz.